COVID Safe Family Fun.

Operations plan for Summer 2021

(subject to change as conditions warrant)  

Covid Safe Family fun. That’s our goal for 2021. The public health outlook for summer 2021 appears to be trending in a direction that we can envision operating in a manner that will ideally prevent the introduction of COVID-19 into our community.

With guidance from the national and Maine CDCs, and the American Camp Association, and complying with rules established by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, we have designed offerings for summer 2021. While these family camp weeks and retreat programs may look a little different from previous summers, the overall spirit of enjoying the outdoors, of being at Medomak, with family and friends, is maintained. 

The safety of our customers, staff, and community has, is, and always will be paramount for us.  We err on the side of caution. Along with many other camps and facilities across the country, Medomak suspended operations for the summer 2020 season. As unprecedented a measure as this was, there was never a moment that we second guessed the decision to close. Once on site this summer, we will all literally be in this together, responsible for one another. We cannot insist enough that our campers and participants support our efforts at creating a safe community this summer. Our need to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 and mitigate the risk of spread cannot be met without strict adherence to the following policies and protocols, by everyone who steps foot on our property.   


Currently, the outlook on vaccinations being available to adults in the general public, by summer, is promising, although certainly this could change.  Our approach is that so long as the vaccine is available to any adult member in your family, or any adult member of our staff by June, we will insist on all adults being vaccinated as a condition of living on or working at Medomak. For vaccines that require two doses, both doses must have been administered prior to arriving at Medomak. No exceptions. 


By summer we expect accurate, readily available, inexpensive, point of care testing to be the norm.  Current travel guidelines into the state of Maine require a negative test within 72 hours prior to arrival.  Given that vaccine may not be available to all adults, and will not likely be available to children by summer, and the unanswered questions around whether vaccinated individuals can still transmit virus, we expect testing to play an important role in preventing COVID-19 from entering our community.  At a minimum, testing prior to arrival and follow up testing once on site, will be required.  Exact contours of our testing requirements (PCR vs. Rapid antigen, serial testing and frequency, etc…) will be determined as we get closer to the summer, consistent with what is known to be most effective and feasible.  With the understanding that we envision testing to be reasonable in cost, the costs of any testing will be the responsibility of our campers and participants. 

Households (Pods) 

Households in the camp setting will be defined as anyone living together in one cabin. Households will be created and maintained as a measure to ensure COVID-19 virus cannot spread between households. Rules around social distancing and wearing masks will not apply within one’s household.   

Mask Policy 

Containing the dispersion of respiratory droplets is key in stopping the transmission of the virus. Consistent with Maine law, masks shall be worn by all adults and all children over 2 years old, in any indoor space (other than one’s cabin), and anywhere outdoors when in contact with common use facilities and/or in the presence of others outside of one’s household, even when social distancing measures are in place. 

Social Distancing

Since much of the interactions that happen at camp are extended and conversational in nature (including laughing and singing), we believe more distance is better. Maintaining a 6-foot distance during brief interactions is required. Longer gatherings between households may occur masked, at a minimum distance of 12 feet. Given that such gatherings often include small children and mistakes happen, we feel this distance is warranted. 

COVID Exposure

Prior to arrival, camper/retreat participants will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test. Anyone with a positive result (and their household) will be denied admittance to Medomak.

Once on-site, campers/retreat participants (and their households) that show symptoms of COVID-19, or have a presumed exposure, will be required to quarantine to their cabins until confirmation by testing can be made.  A further positive COVID-19 test (to rule out a false-positive result) will result in a camper/retreat participant, and their household, being asked to leave the property immediately, for the health and safety of the others on site. 

Limits on Capacity

Due to Maine limits on cohort sizes in congregate settings, as well as facility limitations around safely spacing households, Family Camp will be limited to 6-8 families/week. Retreat Center will be limited to 40 participants/program. 

Maintaining a Bubble

Travel to and from the facility represents the biggest risk of the introduction of the virus to the Medomak community.  Limiting this kind of coming and going will reduce the risk.  Therefore, campers, participants, and staff must agree to stay on the property for the duration of their time at Medomak.  But have no fear, Medomak will make arrangements for delivery of everyone’s favorite local goods and libations.  Think of it like Medomak adding “delivery service” to the list of services 😉 



Cabins may only be inhabited by one’s own household. Entering another household’s cabin is prohibited. Any maintenance or repairs needed during a guest’s stay will be completed without guests present, and staff will be properly masked. 

Housekeeping and Cleaning  


Cabins will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to guest’s arrival, consistent with CDC recommendations on lodging. Housekeeping staff will be masked while servicing cabins. At least 24 hours will have passed since cabins were last occupied by guests. At least 18-24 hours will have passed since any of our staff will have been in a cabin prior to arrival of new guests. Cabins will be ventilated/windows remain open between guests. 

Common Areas

Common areas, especially high touch surfaces, will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times throughout the day, consistent with CDC recommendations. Hand Sanitizing and Wipe Down stations will be present in high touch and program areas. 


Meals will be served outdoors, under the shelter of a tent. When dining outdoors is not an option, regulated indoor dining will be available. Seating at tables will be limited to one’s own household, and tables will be assigned for the duration of the guest’s stay. Tables will be safely spaced apart. Meals will be served cafeteria style, by our staff wearing proper PPE, with households called up one at a time.   



Morning Family Camp programs and activities will be primarily organized around the household. That is, families can expect to do activities, as a family. Where possible, peer group-based activities that can be safely conducted within social distancing and shared material constraints will be considered. Activities that require shared materials will either be curtailed, or extra sanitation measures will be put into place. Afternoon activities and evening programs will continue to be family centered, taking into account social distancing considerations. Wherever possible activities will be held outdoors. 

Retreat Center programs and activities will only be impacted to the extent that social distancing and masking requirements cannot be adequately followed. Wherever possible activities will be held outdoors.  Programs that require indoor space will be in ventilated areas, appropriately distanced, and with masking rules in effect. 


Once tested and onsite for a Medomak program, families and participants will not be allowed to leave the property except for emergencies. We know there are many great attractions nearby and recommend considering visiting them on their way home.


We highly recommend you add the following items to your packing list (link to packing list)

      • Alcohol wipes
      • Thermometer
      • Face masks (no bandanas or neck gaiters)
      • Hand Sanitizer


Deposit and Payments

A non-refundable 5% deposit will be required to register your family and reserve a cabin.  50% of the remaining balance will be due April 1st, with the remaining balance due June 1st.  Registration after April 1st will require 50% of the balance to register.  After June 1st, payment in full will be required to register. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 14 days of your arrival, due only to circumstances around COVID-19 (including COVID-19 illness by someone in your party, quarantine due to exposure, inability to be fully vaccinated, or travel restrictions into Maine beyond your control) will result in a full credit applied toward a future stay at Medomak.  In the event Medomak must cancel a program, a full refund will be given. Medomak cannot be responsible for nonrefundable airline tickets or other travel or indirect expenses associated with cancellations. 

Otherwise our standard cancellation policy will apply: Cancellations made before April 1st will be fully refundable, minus the deposit. Cancellations made after April 1st will incur a $250 cancellation fee in addition to the deposit. Cancellations made after June 1st will not be refunded. If a family can be found to take your place, a full refund, minus deposit, will be given. 

Cash Discount

A cash discount of 2.6% will be applied to payments made via check, ACH, or money order. 

Covid Waiver

Our need to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 and mitigate the risk of spread cannot be met without strict adherence to the Medomak’s policies and protocols, by everyone who steps foot on our property. During the registration process, registrants will be asked to sign a waiver and agree to stated rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in your party being asked to leave the premises immediately, without a refund provided.